Urinary Metabolic Profile (Organic Acid Testing)

What are Organic Acids?

Organic acids are intermediate compounds of virtually all pathways of cellular metabolism. Derived from dietary proteins, carbohydrates and fats, these compounds are involved in energy production and cellular maintenance and repair processes.


Rebuild Your Health through Metabolic Profiling (Organic Acid Testing)

By the time your body begins to show signs of illness, changes have already taken place within the cells, and many reactions required for healthy metabolism have become compromised.

Through organic acid testing, we can visualize what is going on at the cellular level, how well the body is functioning, and how well the body is meeting its demands.

Normally, only a trace amount of these compounds (organic acids) should be present in the urine. However, elevation of these organic acid compounds excreted in the urine may indicate vitamin/mineral or amino acid deficiencies, inhibited metabolism, impaired enzyme function, gut bacterial overgrowth, and exposure to environmental toxins, etc.


Organic Acid Testing may provide clinical insight into many health related conditions:

·       Weight Gain

·       Poor Digestion

·       Leaky Gut

·       Bloating

·       Food Allergies

·       Autism

·       ADHD

·       Stress

·       Mental Disorders

·       Environmental Toxin Exposure

·       Chronic Fatigue

·       Hypoglycemia

·       Weakness

·       Hypothyroidism

·       Cold Hands/Feet

·       Low Energy



How is Organic Acid Testing Done?

Generally, it is advised to avoid all current supplements, in addition to certain foods and drink two days prior to having the test. A first morning midstream urine catch is all that is required. The urine sample is simply collected onto an absorbent pad, and sent to the lab. Analysis is done for the identification of abnormal levels of organic acids.



With the information gained from this test I will design a customized, and properly sequenced, nutritional and herbal support program to optimize your overall health.