Touch for Health

Touch For Health is one of the 81 different forms of Kinesiology now in use around the world.
Touch For Health uses manual muscle testing, as a way of assessing the function of the body.

Manual muscle testing works by positioning the body so as to isolate an individual muscle and then applying a light pressure in an attempt to extend that muscle. The difference in the tone of the muscle is then noted and interpreted.

Manual muscle testing allows the practitioner to define the problem, and identify the best form of treatment for that particular problem, be that herbal, mineral, vitamin, flower essence or homeopathic remedy.

Touch For Health methods are safe and effective.

Touch For Health is for EVERYONE It is able to help with:

  • Fears and/or traumatic experiences. It is impossible to erase the past, it is however possible to integrate and accept experiences so they no longer disrupt the function and balance of the body and mind.
  • Testing food and supplements for their effects on your health. This testing puts foods, drinks and supplements into three categories, Good, Neutral, and Bad