Bioempedence Analysis

Lose fat, build muscle, increase energy, reduces fluid retention, stop rebound weight gain.

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is a science that was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery. It has also been used in space missions to monitor astronaut’s health.

Leads are connected to your hands and feet, which allows a small machine to collect information about how much fat, muscle and water you have in your body.
This is a painless procedure.

Who is this procedure for?
The main people to benefit from this program are people who want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve energy
  • Age healthily
  • Effectively detoxify
After the test is performed your results are entered into a computer. You will be given a computerised analysis of your health, including your key biomarkers and information on your body’s cell function, energy production and fluid balance. Over time, your results can be compared, so that you have a very clear idea of your progress.

If your already on a program any program, for weight lose or muscle gain, this machine is the most accurate way of finding out if the diet, exercise, pill or shake that you are using is working or not.
Are you losing muscle, water or fat?

Example Bioempedence Analysis

  1. Body Composition – my ideal weight is 80.9 kg my actual weight at the time was 83.7 kg. This is a little above my maximum healthy weight. Which is information obtainable from a set of house hold scales. The scales say I’m not doing to bad.
  2. Fat Mass – I was 17.45 kg of fat. My ideal is 14.56. My maximum healthy fat mass is 15 kg. I was 2.89 kg above my ideal, 2.45 kg above my healthy maximum.
  3. Active Tissue Mass – my muscle. I was 37.85 kg of muscle. My ideal is 40.45. My minimum healthy muscle mass is about 39.2 kg. I was 2.6 kg below my ideal muscle mass, about 1.35 below my minimum healthy muscle mass.